geotifcp - Copy TIFF with updated GeoTIFF Metadata

Syntax:   geotifcp [options] [-e esri_worldfile] [-g metadata] input output
The program geotifcp is identical in function to the LIBTIFF program "tiffcp", with the additional feature that if the "-g " option is used the GeoTIFF information from the file will be installed into the output file. The "-e worldfile" option will override the tiepoint and scale information from the metadata file based on the contents of the ESRI worldfile.

If the "-g" option is not used, the opposite effect occurs: all GeoTIFF information is filtered out of the input file before being written to the new output file.

"geotifcp" inherits all the other file-transformation capabilities of the tiffcp program; for help on the additional parameters give the command:

  %  geotifcp -h
The metadata format is the same as is described in the listgeo program. Normally metadata files for use with geotifcp are generated from a similar file with listgeo, and then modified by hand as required.

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