Cylindrical Equal Area

Name Cylindrical Equal Area
Alias Normal Authalic Cylindrical (FME)
Alias Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area
Alias Behrmann (standard parallel = 30)
Alias Gall Orthographic (standard parallel = 45)
Alias Peters (approximated by Gall Orthographic)
EPSG Code -
GeoTIFF Code CT_CylindricalEqualArea (28)
OGC WKT Name Cylindrical_Equal_Area
Supported By OGC WKT (unofficial), PROJ.4, Mapinfo

Projection Parameters

Known as latitude of true scale in PROJ.4
Name EPSG # GeoTIFF ID OGC WKT Units Notes
Central Meridian NatOriginLong central_meridian Angular
Standard Parallel StdParallel1 standard_parallel_1 Angular Defaults to zero.
False Easting FalseEasting false_easting Linear
False Northing FalseNorthing false_northing Linear


This is classified as a cylindrical and equal area projection, as one might expect from the name. There does not seem to be an EPSG equivelent. The GeoTIFF code was added Feb 2005, and so is not likely widely supported.

For documentation, the Cylindrical Equal-Area projection is discussed in Snyder, Map Projections -- a Working Manual (1987) on pg 76ff.

PROJ.4 Organization

  +proj=cea +lon_0=Central Meridian
            +lat_ts=Standard Parallel
            +x_0=False Easting
            +y_0=False Northing