Laborde Oblique Mercator

Name Laborde Oblique Mercator
EPSG Code 9813
GeoTIFF Code CT_ObliqueMercator_Laborde (4)
OGC WKT Name Laborde_Oblique_Mercator
Supported By EPSG, GeoTIFF, OGC WKT

Projection Parameters

Name EPSG # GeoTIFF ID OGC WKT Units Notes
Latitude of projection center 1 CenterLat latitude_of_center Angular
Longitude of projection center 2 CenterLong longitude_of_center Angular
Azimuth of initial line 3 AzimuthAngle azimuth Angular
rectified_grid_angle Angular Presumable this should be available for other sources in a manner similar to Oblique Mercator. Defaults to 90.
Scale factor on initial line 5 ScaleAtCenter scale_factor Unitless
False Easting 6 FalseEasting false_easting Linear
False Northing 7 FalseNorthing false_northing Linear


When using the Hotine Oblique Mercator equations to evaluate this, I imagine the angle from rectified to skewed grid would be 90.

I don't have information on what the OGC parameters should be.

EPSG Notes

Can be accomodated by Oblique Mercator method (code 9815).