Miller Cylindrical

Name Miller Cylindrical
GeoTIFF Code CT_MillerCylindrical (20)
OGC WKT Name Miller_Cylindrical
Supported By GeoTIFF, PROJ.4, OGC WKT

Projection Parameters

Name EPSG # GeoTIFF ID OGC WKT Units Notes
Latitude of projection center 1 ProjCenterLat latitude_of_center Angular This is normally zero and optional in GeoTIFF.
Longitude of projection center 2 ProjCenterLong longitude_of_center Angular
False Easting 6 FalseEasting false_easting Linear
False Northing 7 FalseNorthing false_northing Linear


The spec indicates that there should only be a center longitude, not a center latitude. Intergraph includes a latitude, so I have included it here, but if not specified it should be taken as zero.

Intergraph uses NatOriginLat and NatOriginLong instead of ProjCenterLat/Long.

Intergraph also supplies a scale at the origin, which isn't in the spec. I am ignoring this for now, but eventually a pass should be made adding scale as an option for any projection it can be made to work for as per Peter Laskowski's suggestion.

PROJ.4 Organization

  +proj=mill  +lat_0=Latitude at projection center 
              +lon_0=Longitude at projection center
              +x_0=False Easting
              +y_0=False Northing