Name Robinson
GeoTIFF Code CT_Robinson (23)
OGC WKT Name Robinson
Supported By GeoTIFF, PROJ.4, OGC WKT

Projection Parameters

Name EPSG # GeoTIFF ID OGC WKT Units Notes
Longitude of projection center 2 ProjCenterLong longitude_of_center Angular
False Easting 6 FalseEasting false_easting Linear
False Northing 7 FalseNorthing false_northing Linear


Intergraph files use NatOriginLat/Long instead of CenterLat/Long. Earlier discussions of Robinson don't include a scale, and CenterLat, but Intergraph's files do. I have omitted them from the above list, but I imagine they may be added back.

I also get very substantially different results from PROJ.4's Robinson support, and PCI (GCTP)'s results as noted in Random Issues.

PROJ.4 Organization

  +proj=robin +lon_0=Longitude at projection center
              +x_0=False Easting
              +y_0=False Northing