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2.3 GeoTIFF Software Requirements

GeoTIFF requires support for all documented TIFF 6.0 tag data-types, and in particular requires the IEEE double-precision floating point "DOUBLE" type tag. Most of the parameters for georeferencing will not have sufficient accuracy with single-precision IEEE, nor with RATIONAL format storage. The only other alternative for storing high-precision values would be to encode as ASCII, but this does not conform to TIFF recommendations for data encoding.

It is worth emphasizing here that the TIFF spec indicates that TIFF-compliant readers shall honor the 'byte-order' indicator, meaning that 4-byte integers from files created on opposite order machines will be swapped in software, and that 8-byte DOUBLE's will be 8-byte swapped.

A GeoTIFF reader/writer, in addition to supporting the standard TIFF tag types, must also have an additional module which can parse the "Geokey" MetaTag information. A public-domain software package for performing this function is now available; see the "References" in section 5 for the location.